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Dog Friendly dining in Perth at Brew and Chew

Michael and team took over at Brew and Chew in October 2018. The cafe was already established as a well-loved venue for dog lovers to bring their furry friends. Much of this could come down to the fact that Brew and Chew has a menu for dogs so it really is a venue for dog friendly dining.

When the new team took over they had just two days to get the cafe ready before it reopened under new management. It all went well and they enjoyed a little boost in awareness during the Christmas Lights switch on. You may remember seeing their stall offering hot chocolate and hot dogs right outside the cafe. They don’t want to change too much about the business but events like that allow them to try new things to add alongside what Brew and Chew already do well.

Being not only 'dog-friendly' but a doggy destination is an unusual idea for a cafe. However, it's one that seems to have captured a strong following in Perth. There aren’t many places that you and your dog can get a cake and a drink after a long walk. Their dog-friendly cupcakes are a pleasant wee surprise. Though, please note that their dog-friendly menu may not exactly appeal to the human palate*.

(*Brew and Chew did inform us that there has been one unfortunate incident. Apparently, a marital disagreement led one lady to bring a doggy cupcake home for her husband. Suppose there’s more than one way to end up in the 'doghouse'.)

A perfect summer for people and pooches

Michael has been looking forward to the warmer weather. The whole frontage of Brew and Chew can be pulled back to offer a more open cafe experience. What’s more, they have the advantage of a slight dip in the roof heights directly across from them. This leaves their outdoor seating arranged in a perfect little sun trap.

Their new summer menu rolled out on the 27th June. It includes delicious cool drinks, ice-cream from the fantastic Stewart Tower Dairy, and of course a range of dog-friendly options as well. We’re sure they’ll make the perfect refresher after a long walk in the sun with a four-legged friend.

You can keep up to date with any new additions to their menu or anything else they have going on over on their Facebook page.

Keeping it local

Brew and Chew have been doing their due diligence to ensure that every morsel they sell (for human consumption*) comes from a Perthshire supplier. Even their coffee beans are roasted just around the corner at the Bean Shop in George Street.

(*Dog treats are trickier to source locally, especially their dog-friendly cupcakes which come from the Barking Bakery in Lancashire.)

A menu for dogs?

The popularity of Brew and Chew’s dog menu has been a pleasant surprise for the team. Particular favourites include their doggy cupcakes (or as they’re also known ‘woofins’), and doggy sausages. These sausages are known to have near-magical properties due to their ability to vanish in seconds in the presence of pooches.

There’s something quirky yet comforting about a place that puts so much attention into caring for the needs of your canine companion. Knowing they’ll be as well looked after as you makes it all the easier to keep coming back. It isn’t really a surprise to see that items from Brew and Chew’s dog menu are some of their most popular products.

Rewards for humans too?

Brew and Chew provided a Mi Rewards perk back in January; offering a free coffee to every Mi Rewards member. They were more than happy to do it and the team were pleased to see new faces pop in for a visit. They got a chance to show off their lovely coffee whilst helping Mi Rewards members feel rewarded for their support of Perth businesses.

We have to point here that their coffee really is good. Their chosen house roast is smoothe and rich, but still packs just the right amount of kick. A perfect way to brighten you up on the way to work. They open at 8:45 in the morning so why not treat yourself next time you’re passing?

If you missed out on your free coffee back in January this could be for one of two reasons. First, it was only open to Mi Rewards members, if you haven’t registered for Perth’s city-wide (and free) rewards programme then you’ll be missing out on all the loyalty points, perks, and prize draw entries that come along with membership. It’s easy to sign up, simply click this link to register for Mi Rewards.

The second reason you may have missed out is that your Mi Rewards membership isn’t fully activated. You may have signed up but for whatever reason, your account isn't fully registered. Pop over to this post to find out what to do if you aren't a fully registered Mi Rewards member.

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