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Bra-vo for this Mi Rewards perk from Miss Forsyth

Miss Forsyth has been trading in Perth for twenty-three years. The atmosphere in Miss Forsyth is warm, welcoming, and open. Their care for their customers is clear from the moment you walk n the door.

This attentiveness has led them to become what you might call a 'generational' store; mums bring their daughters, aunties bring nieces, grannies bring grand-daughters, daughters bring in their mums. In fact, there are full-grown women who buy from Miss Forsyth who first entered the shop as wee girls in buggies. If that doesn't sound like a vote of confidence in who they are and what they do, we don't know what does.

You only need to visit Miss Forsyth's Facebook reviews to see the sort of shop it is. They care about their customers and it's clear that they put every ounce of energy they can into finding products that will help customers not only look good but also feel good. It means a lot to the staff when they find the right thing for a customer.

They told us of a number of occasions when customers have cried in the shop (tears of happiness). It can be overwhelming for them to find a bra that 'gives them their figure back'; as their new bra allows their clothes to fit better, and look better. Jennifer (manager at Miss Forsyth) explains that you can't underestimate the difference that a properly fitted bra can make.

Something special for you

If you haven't visited Miss Forsyth before, then now's your chance to feel good too. Miss Forsyth has put together an exclusive perk for Mi Rewards members, offering an exclusive discount on all full-priced stock. If you want to receive perks like this in your e-mail inbox then you'll need to sign up to Mi Rewards. This particular perk went live at 8pm on Friday 15th March.

Sign-up is easy (and free) and will only take you a couple of minutes. Follow this link to join Mi Rewards now.

If you have already completed part of the sign-up process it's also worth making sure that you're fully registered. To understand more about what this means follow this link to find out about the benefits of being a fully registered Mi Rewards member.

If you were a registered member before the perk went live you'll find your e-mail in your inbox. It was sent out around 8pm on Friday 15th March. This is your 'ticket' to your discount. PLEASE NOTE: The expiry date in the e-mail is wrong as the offer will run until the 30th March. Also, don't forget that Miss Forsyth also accepts the Perth Gift Card so if you received one as a gift then now could be just the right time to treat yourself.

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