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Old Ship Inn: Centuries of experience as a laid back pub in Perth

The Old Ship Inn began trading in 1665 which could well make it Perth's oldest business. It's the sort of place that stands out, like something from another time. However, don't think you're in for something tired and old on the inside. From the moment you walk in it's clear that The Old Ship Inn has seen centuries of TLC with gleaming brass and comfortable seating. It's clear that, if you're looking for a laid back pub in Perth, you're all set at The Old Ship Inn.

Their entire setup contributes to a feeling of welcome; it just asks you to settle down and grab a pint of cask ale. It can be hard for pubs and bars to create an atmosphere that's this comfortable, laid back, and friendly. A few centuries of experience seems to help a lot.

A laid back pub in Perth that offers a relaxed evening with friends

On top of their selection of real cask ales, The Old Ship in also stocks over three-hundred different Gins. Its bar is stocked with everything a modern palete might like. All the same, they manage to avoid that overly 'trendy' feel that sometimes goes with it. The Old Ship Inn has its own personality and that's very much a good thing.

They also encourage the sense that this is a place to enjoy an evening with friends. In fact, it may be one of the only pubs/bars in Perth where you can pre-book a table to make sure you and your mates have guaranteed seating for a night out. It's always good to know that your group won't end up split up, sitting at opposite ends of the pub with a couple of folks stood at the bar. Guarantee your night goes well by calling to book a table on 07432 025279.

They have an all-inclusive feel to their pub with a clear dog-friendly attitude as well (with water dishes available for canine companions). Also, don't worry about missing an important match. The Old Ship in also shows Live Sports on a regular basis.

Want the chance to catch up properly with friends in a laid back pub in Perth? Then you'd be hard pressed to find somewhere as accommodating as the Old Ship Inn.

Feel rewarded when you socialise

The Old Ship Inn recently joined over sixty businesses in Perth to offer Mi Points; loyalty points for customers who spend in Perth. If you're a Mi Rewards member already this is good news because you now have another great place to visit and earn points.

Mi Rewards is Perth's city-wide reward programme, run in partnership with Perth and Kinross Council and many Perth businesses (including, but not limited to, Stagecoach, Horsecross, and now The Old Ship Inn). Members collect reward points every time they spend in a participating business and their points can be redeemed for a Gift Card which can be spent in any participating business.

If you aren't registered as a Mi Rewards member yet don't worry, signup is easy, quick, and FREE. You can click here to sign up for Mi Rewards. Alternatively, you can click here to find out more about how Mi Rewards works.

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