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Willows Coffee Shop: Earn as you eat

We all know Willows Coffee Shop; home of brilliant breakfasts, beautiful brunches, lavish lunches, and cheeky treats. It’s a big place with a top notch reputation. We’re not even going to hide it, we basically used this post as an excuse to get out of the office and grab a wee bite with Michael, manager at Willows. All the same, he did have a few wee bits of information that we didn’t know so we can still stick to our ‘we went for research’ story.

Michael started by telling us a few highlights of 2018 for Willows. It was apparently their best year ever so their revamped menu obviously did the trick. In fact, many of their new menu items have been the most popular dishes over the past year.

With around a hundred and seventy seats (if you count outside) it’s good to hear that Willows has seen that space filled many many times over. It’s clear that people know what they like and what they like is Willows.

It’s hard to put your finger on what exactly draws so many people in but a quick look a the cake counter gives us a hint. On top of this, it has an efficient yet laid back atmosphere with staff that don’t hover, whilst making sure you’re looked after.

Their menu is also filled with foods from Perthshire suppliers, with very few food miles added up before it gets to your plate.

How do you make hot chocolate better?

One particularly interesting change to their menu has been their hot chocolates. Their name may be Willows Coffee Shop but this hasn't stopped them from experimenting with their hot chocolate too.

Not too long ago they stepped away from the powdered hot chocolate which many of us will be familiar with at home. Instead, Willows fill your cup with a thick, sumptuous, blend of real melted chocolate and fresh, steamed milk.

This wee treat might cost a little more than regular hot chocolate but that’s because it’s in a whole other league. A hot chocolate like this walks a fine line between beverage and dessert. It is a distinct change in quality. A rush of flavour with a smooth, indulgent taste. A treat that really tastes like a treat, and a chocolate hit that powdered hot chocolate could never hope to match.

If you like your chocolate and you haven’t tried this yet then you have missed out. We can’t put this more clearly; you have to try Willows’ new hot chocolate.

Have your customers had anything to say about Mi Rewards? Do they seem to be getting the most out of being members?

Willows Coffee Shop has been part of Perth’s city-wide Mi Rewards loyalty programme since its inception. With Mi Rewards you can earn points as you eat. On top of these points, Willows also offered Mi Rewards members a fantastic, exclusive two-for-one breakfast deal a few months ago.

Mi Rewards members have commented on how seamless the system is; once they sign up there’s nothing else to remember, simply spend and collect points. What’s more, they enjoy looking out for the exclusive Mi Rewards perks (like Willows’ two-for-one breakfast deal), as well as regular competition entries.

It’s easy to sign up to become a Mi Rewards member (and free). Mi Rewards is affiliated with Perth and Kinross Council, as well as over sixty Perth businesses. If you haven’t signed up yet you can click the following link to find out more about the programme and sign up for Mi Rewards.

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