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Revival can revamp your wardrobe (and earn you some Mi Points too)

Revival opened its doors in 2013. They are a designer dress agency, and store with a wealth of incredible garments and accessories. In-store, you'll find stock that ranges from vintage clothing to designer lines, alongside one-of-a-kind accessories. They also stock a selection of retro-styled pieces which are cut and styled to fit modern tastes. Revival prides themselves in sourcing items that are ‘quirky and different’.

In case you aren’t sure what a designer dress agency is it might be worth describing what Revival do. Their business model is actually an idea that has been around for a long time. However, our high streets don’t often feature this sort of shop any more. To put it simply, dress agencies like Revival can give you access to a newly revamped and personalised wardrobe.

From a customer’s point of view, Revival offers a wealth of garments and accessories that you might find difficult (or impossible) to locate in a high street or boutique dress shop. What’s more; Revival offers a customer 'wishlist' system. Simply create a list of your favourite styles of garments, vintage eras, or favourite designer. Revival will then contact you as soon as something fitting this description (in your size) becomes available.

A key component of Revival’s business model is their relationship with their customers and clients. Think about your current wardrobe for a moment. Chances are you have a dress or other under-used garment(s) that you don't need. Whether garments were gifts, or occasion wear, if it has seen minimal use, Revival can help. Revival takes your quality garments and finds them a welcome new home while charging an appropriate amount. When your garment sells you will receive a share of the price paid.

A touch more glamorous every day

Revival’s clients are growing more aware of the sorts of garments they can sell through Revival. This has led to an increase in the quality of clothing and accessories that can be made available in store. It’s clear to see that trust is growing in Revival as a dress agency, capable of procuring the finest vintage and fashion items.

Mandy (owner at Revival) shared one of her favourite parts of what they do. Mandy's clients are happy to know that their high-quality garments are appreciated for what they are. This is especially true in the case of vintage pieces. It's no secret that in the past many clothing manufacturers followed a higher standard than they do today. This means that there are garments dating back decades which retain this high quality and attention to detail. Clients are happier to part with these, safe in the knowledge that they are being enjoyed by someone who recognises that quality.

A perfect example was a vintage jazz era dress crafted entirely from glass beads. This garment was made before most people alive today were even born. Yet, it still sparkled as iridescently as the day it was made. Mandy told us of the joy that the customer had from the truly unique look it allowed her to achieve (though she did note that glass makes for a slightly heavier dress than she’s used to).

How to see Revival’s range

Revival has active Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. These can offer you a glimpse of the variety which you’ll find in-store. However, we strongly recommend a visit to the shop. New pieces arrive all the time and you could easily be the first person to get a chance at something truly lovely.

The flip side of Revival’s active social media following is that some items can sell remarkably fast, some will sell hours, or even minutes after a product is highlighted. It’s a fast-paced experience, and one where the quickest to reserve something amazing can bask in their quick responses (but isn’t that part of the excitement sometimes?). If you don’t already follow Revival on social media make sure you pop over to their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts (click the links).

A little extra back for Mi Rewards members

Mandy has already had a few customers mention how much of a pleasant surprise it is that Revival offers Mi points for Mi Rewards members.

On top of finding the perfect garment they now know that they can add to their points balance and work their way towards their £10 gift card. (In fact, it’s also worth noting here that Revival is also able to accept Perth Gift Cards. Another wee bit of good news.)

Becoming a Mi Rewards member is quick, easy, and FREE. Members can collect loyalty points every time they spend in over sixty Perth businesses (including Perth Theatre, and Perth Concert Hall). These points can be converted into gift cards which can then be spent in the same businesses. On top of this, members have access to exclusive deals, discounts, and competitions from Mi Rewards businesses. Click here to find out more and join Mi Rewards.

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