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A special perk for Perth’s Comic-Con themed Riverside Light Nights

Perth's riverside light nights, otherwise known as Norie Miller Light Nights, are brilliant. Hosted in Norie Miller Park on the banks of the River Tay; this exciting and diverse event is steadily becoming a high point in Perth's events calendar. This week is their superhero/sci-fi/fantasy themed 'Comic-Con' event and they've teamed up with Mi Rewards to offer something dynamic.

Something for all you caped crusaders

Last week saw all Mi Rewards members getting a free tea or coffee at Brew and Chew, so you know we normally have something good in store (in fact some of you might not have claimed yours yet, you've still got a chance on Tuesday and Wednesday so look back through your e-mails for your perk). It should be clear that we like to get great things out to Mi Rewards members. This time is no different.

Are you planning on attending this Thursday (31st) or Friday (1st)? If so then keep an eye out for this week's Mi Rewards perk. It's something that might just make your knight. If you aren't already registered for Mi Rewards and you want to make the most of what is sure to be a fantastic night, then 'zlonk' and 'kapow' your way over to the Mi Rewards signup page to ensure you get access to this amazing perk in time.

If you aren't registered before 8pm on Tuesday (29th) you'll miss your chance so click this link now to sign up.

There are so many bits at this event to geek out about. The Comic-Con themed Riverside light nights have so much crammed into them that we can't list everything here. Pop over to the Riverside Light Nights page on the Perth City website and scroll down to see a slide-show of what lies in store.

What is Mi Rewards/ why do I need to sign up for this?

Mi Rewards is a loyalty programme that rewards you for spending in Perth. Perks like this are one of the ways that local businesses and Perth City centre have found to thank you for shopping local.

Alongside access to a steady calendar of perks and prizes, you will also receive loyalty points when you spend at any of the over sixty participating businesses. These points can be converted into Perth Gift Cards which you can spend in any Mi Rewards business. Signing up is simple (and free), click this link to find out more.

Like Comic Books? Like to feel rewarded?

If you're a comic book fan in Perth and you haven't popped along to Big Dog Books you're really missing out. They've got a literal wall of comics; including titles from DC, Marvel, and a great collection of indie titles as well. Even better, Mi Rewards members can collect Mi Points with every purchase at Big Dog Books.

Stagecoach boosts Perthshire independent businesses by getting on board with Mi Rewards

We’re delighted to announce from today (13th February 2019), you can now earn Mi Points on Stagecoach services in Perth!   Bus operator Stagecoach is backing independent businesses in Perth by signing up to the local Mi Rewards loyalty scheme, giving passengers the chance to benefit from shopping local and travelling by bus. Mi Rewards, […]

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Grayson’s Wine Cafe

Grayson’s Wine Cafe emerged from an idea by Ellie’s cellar owner Gordon Polley. Gordon wanted to celebrate the wine he sold in his off-licences and the idea of Grayson’s wine bar began to take shape. It’s a new venture from the off-licence owner and it’s going well. From our visit, it’s clear that Grayson’s has […]

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Whether your shoes are essential or ‘essential’ you get something back at Begg Shoes Perth

We like to keep a regular reminder running to tell you about businesses that are part of Mi Rewards. Begg shoes is a slightly larger business than some of the others we’ve looked at so far. With stores all over Scotland and a well-stocked website; there’s a lot going on at Begg Shoes. They’ve got […]

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It all comes down to a good bowl of chips

We spoke to Vinod from Breizh to find out more about this popular Perth eatery. He filled us in on loads of details about the business, where it’s been and where it’s going. However, one surprising revelation came when discussing a seemingly simple addition to their menu; chips. French fries are a staple addition to […]

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Charlie Taylor Perth: a bit mair than hair

Charlie Taylor has been in business for thirty-one years. That’s a lot of hairstyles and trends to go through. We can only imagine the various perms, cuts and styles that have walked out their doors through the years. The team are dedicated to keeping an eye on what their customers need. We asked about what […]

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