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500 Perth shoppers are now Mi Rewards Members!

It’s one small step for Perth and it's a giant leap for local businesses. Now we’re getting somewhere, that's certainly worth shouting about. Thank you to every one of Perth's new Mi Rewards members.

Five-hundred people are now officially out there enjoying access to all the points, perks and prizes that Mi Rewards Perth has to offer. Just to add some context, that’s enough to fill the Victorian Auditorium in Perth Theatre.

We’re not going to kid ourselves; a lot of these people will be linked to Perth businesses in some way. From business owners, to staff, to their friends and family, we know that those who support a scheme like this in the early stages will likely have some link to a Perth business.

That can’t be right! What about local shoppers like you? You don’t want all the prizes and perks to go to a select group of individuals, do you? You’re a supporter of Perth businesses, so you should get to feel rewarded too. Shouldn't you?

Don't let them have all the fun!

Well here’s the good news, you can. It’s simple to join (and it’s free). What’s more, from the moment you join Mi Rewards we’ll do everything in our power to make you feel rewarded for your support and your loyalty to the businesses of Perth.

And we make it easy for Mi Rewards members to enjoy their new membership with perks to go with those points. Our next perk promises to be a tasteful way to spend a morning (we can't tell you any more, we're sworn to secrecy). It’s not all about points, and when it comes to perks there’s lots more where that came from.

We’ve also set up the system to allow us to offer ‘random acts of kindness’. As time goes on you might find yourself on the receiving end. Keep an eye on the Perth City facebook feed for a glimpse of the sort of thing you could expect.

It really is easy to join Mi Rewards click here to see for yourself. What's more, if you sign up before the end of October you'll be entered into a £250 Perth Gift Card prize draw!

Eat and Earn at Broth3rs Restaurant in Perth

Mi Rewards are pleased to announce another addition to our list of businesses offering Mi Points to members. If you’re looking for a restaurant in Perth that offers you something back then you’ll now find it at Broth3rs. Broth3rs offers a cosy setting in which to enjoy some real Italian flavour. They’ve been creating crisp […]

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CriDo’s Perth joins Mi Rewards!

We are so happy to welcome another great Perth business to the Mi Rewards programme. CriDo’s Perth has just entered its second year of business. The restaurant offers a space that feels homely yet vibrant. Their menu has that same feel; full of dishes you’ll recognise straight away, from their popular risotto to the carnivore’s […]

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Old Ship Inn: Centuries of experience as a laid back pub in Perth

The Old Ship Inn began trading in 1665 which could well make it Perth’s oldest business. It’s the sort of place that stands out, like something from another time. However, don’t think you’re in for something tired and old on the inside. From the moment you walk in it’s clear that The Old Ship Inn […]

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WIN an adventure activity camp and keep the kids entertained at Willowgate Activity Centre this summer

We’re currently running a prize draw (in partnership with Willowgate Activity Centre). It’s one that could make a big splash with your kids. The draw will take place at the end of April so you’ll have to act fast. Prize Details Mi Rewards Members are being given the chance to WIN a week’s free adventure […]

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Willows Coffee Shop: Earn as you eat

We all know Willows Coffee Shop; home of brilliant breakfasts, beautiful brunches, lavish lunches, and cheeky treats. It’s a big place with a top notch reputation. We’re not even going to hide it, we basically used this post as an excuse to get out of the office and grab a wee bite with Michael, manager […]

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