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Old meets new: Mi Rewards at McCash’s Country Store

McCash’s Country Store has been supplying animal feed to the people (and animals) of Perth Since 1746. That’s a business spanning 272 years. We’re not sure if that makes it Perth’s oldest business (you tell us) but it’s certainly one of them. McCash’s started at Loakmill in Bankfoot. However, they moved into Perth with the […]

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Perth has Christmas Decorations with personality

We all have a box of Christmas decorations at home. Some of these decorations will just be collections of colour to brighten up the house. However, some of these items have a story to them; something you got as a gift, a decoration you got for your first Christmas in your new house, something the […]

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Create something unique and timeless with T. Paterson Jewellers

Choosing an engagement ring or a gift for a very special occasion is hard. You want something that will be appealing, individual, and that can stand the test of time; something unique and timeless. Perhaps a rare or unusual gemstone will make the piece stand out? However, you may want to have something that reflects […]

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We reward a super Mi Rewards shopper!

We reward a super Mi Rewards shopper! Mi Rewards is the brand-new loyalty programme that rewards you every time you visit a participating Perth business. You’ll build up Mi Points, which earn you Perth Gift Cards, and you’ll also earn perks, prizes and random acts of kindness. In this spirit of giving, we wanted to […]

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Buzzing about or just hanging around at Boo Vake

Generating a bit of ‘buzz’ Bee Houses. Yes, you read that right; bee houses. Boo Vake has seen a surprising surge of interest in bee real estate lately. With the downward turn in the UK’s bee population, it’s lovely to hear that people are dedicating a wee space in their garden, in a planter, or […]

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One thousand people using Mi Rewards Perth!

This is amazing! There are now officially one thousand people using Mi Rewards. We are so happy to see so many people showing support for their local businesses. Perth has a lot to offer and it’s fantastic to know that you can see that too. You can eat well, be entertained, be active, or simply […]

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