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Buzzing about or just hanging around at Boo Vake

Generating a bit of ‘buzz’ Bee Houses. Yes, you read that right; bee houses. Boo Vake has seen a surprising surge of interest in bee real estate lately. With the downward turn in the UK’s bee population, it’s lovely to hear that people are dedicating a wee space in their garden, in a planter, or […]

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One thousand people using Mi Rewards Perth!

This is amazing! There are now officially one thousand people using Mi Rewards. We are so happy to see so many people showing support for their local businesses. Perth has a lot to offer and it’s fantastic to know that you can see that too. You can eat well, be entertained, be active, or simply […]

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Almost a decade of stunning art and style at Tayberry Gallery

Tayberry Gallery has been supplying the people of Perth with high quality, sometimes-quirky, sometimes-award-winning, always stunning, pieces of art for almost ten years. We sat down with Sarah (Spalding) and Louise (Forbes) to find out more about this long-standing gallery. They were both proud to tell us that Tayberry’s products are always British-made Art and […]

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A finger on the pulse of Perth for almost two centuries: T. Paterson Jeweller

T. Paterson Jeweller began as a watchmaker back in 1832. It was the beginning of the industrial revolution and time (and the measurement of time) was becoming a valuable commodity. If you couldn’t keep time you were in trouble. It became clear that watches and clocks were of greater importance than they had ever been. […]

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Boo Vake, a ‘wee shop’ with lot’s to offer

Boo Vake has been trading in Perth for twenty-five years. So what does ‘Boo Vake’ mean? The answer is pretty simple and a bit lovely. It’s a phonetic way of saying ‘Little Shop’ in Scots Gaelic (Bùth Bheag). So, if on reading this post’s title you said “Boo Vake?” out loud, then you just spoke […]

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Serious fun to be had at Fun Junction

Fun Junction started life over on County Place (opposite AK Bell library). Over the years they developed a valued and loyal customer base. However, as time moved on they needed an opportunity to show their wares to a wider audience. Their move to 255 Old High Street was literally just a trip around the corner. […]

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