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The nights are ‘fair drawin’ in’ so cosy up at Grayson’s

One positive that we can draw from longer Autumn evenings is that we get more time to enjoy evening activities. Grayson's wine cafe is always a great place to visit for a relaxed evening. It was launched by owner Gordon Polley. Gordon wanted to create a place which celebrated the great selection of wine he sells in his off-licences (Ellie’s cellar). Since it's launch Grayson's has developed into a place with a relaxed community, great selection of food, and a friendly atmosphere; a perfect place to visit on a long September evening.

Something tasty with your tipple

Grayson's is also always trying new things. It's important to them that they can offer new and interesting options for their regulars while doing what they can to make the place warm and welcoming for new patrons too.

In order to add to the informal feel and convivial atmosphere they recently added a new option to their menu in the form of canapés. The canapés are created to highlight Grayson's delicious paté selection with different garnishes to complement each flavour. These are priced at a very reasonable four for £2 and make for a tasty bite to accompany your chosen tipple.

Enjoy wine or simply want to know more?

Speaking of tipples, it's also worth noting that Grayson's offers specialised wine tasting nights. Perhaps you don't know much about wine but would like to understand more. Alternatively, you may be an experienced 'oenophile' (lover of wine) who might enjoy the opportunity to try some premium wines. Either way, you'll have something to enjoy at Grayson's wine nights.

Unfortunately, their wine and cheese night on the 19th of September sold out before this post could go live. However, we can tell you that Grayson's still has tickets available for their premium wine tasting on the 26th of September. That said, be sure to get in touch with Grayson's soon to secure tickets (they do sell out quickly). You can click on the following link to be taken to Grayson's Facebook event page.

Earn as you relax with Mi Rewards

It goes without saying (given that you're on the Mi Rewards website right now) but you can collect rewards points on every pound spent at Grayson's (provided you're a Mi Rewards member). Simply pay using your registered payment card to collect points, it's as simple as that.

Mi Rewards membership is free and you can collect points at over sixty businesses throughout Perth. Click on the link above to find out more.

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