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Number Five Goldsmiths: personal service, loyalty points, and some truly unique jewellery

Stuart and Claire have been running Number Five Goldsmiths for fourteen years, moving to Perth in October 2016 from their original premises in Cupar.

Within their old premises they had an on-site workshop. This allowed them to offer quick repairs but these services often took precedence over longer-term commissioned work.

However, their new set-up, with the workshop separate to the shop, allows them to commit more time to commissioned work.

Customer satisfaction

Number Five Goldsmiths aims to provide people in Perth with a variety and choice of good things. They would rather that someone got the right thing for them than settle.

Because of this, they have a very hands-on approach. They even use Whatsapp to discuss and photograph specific items for customers.

What’s more, they also hold a ‘wishlist’ book, which allows customers to note pieces which they find particularly appealing. This can be consulted when someone comes into the store to buy a gift for someone who has a stored 'wishlist'.

They have a loyal customer base with customers travelling from Dundee, Edinburgh, Inverness, St Andrews, and Cupar, to shop at Number Five Goldsmiths.

Many unique items makes for a great selection

From the day they started they have always offered a selection of Jewellery. However, that range has expanded to include some truly one-of-a-kind pieces and so each visit will bring something new to discover.

They have become known for stocking pieces designed by unique makers. They don’t leave the names of makers and designers visible in the display cases but they are always happy to talk about an item. For every piece they stock there is a story. They know about the design and construction, and often know considerably more than that as well. They are more than happy to share and the stories behind some of the jewellery can sometimes be just as interesting as the pieces themselves.

You can also buy a Perth Gift Card!

You can now purchase a Perth Gift Card from Goldsmiths. They are more than happy to host this service as they feel that it gives them a chance to introduce a new range of potential customers to their selection.

The Perth Gift Card is accepted 8in over sixty businesses throughout Perth. From a night out with dinner and a show at the theatre, to a few wee trips to the baker for a cheeky slice of cake in your lunch break. A Perth Gift Card lets people decide what they would most enjoy in Perth. It's the gift of Perth and a gift of choice.

Which products have surprised Number Five Goldsmiths?

Stuart shared three ranges that were surprisingly popular with customers.

First was a range by an African company, created using recycled rubber. These hand-cut pieces were truly unique and the final effect of the material resulted in a piece that was nothing like anything else they stocked.

Second were pieces by a company called ‘Clever Engineering’; a German company which incorporates ornate mechanisms into their jewellery. One piece had an opening feature which revealed a lustrous pearl from one side but when moved the other way revealed a diamond.

The third company is from Ireland and also incorporates mechanisms; this time using the movement of the wearer to transfer their kinetic energy into minute movements within the piece. With the use of tiny cogs and other mechanisms, these include a number of depictions of birds in motion, powered simply by the wearer’s movements.

They have pieces in every price point from small gifts up to pieces incorporating diamond, pearls and precious gems. So there's something for everyone.

Happy to go the extra mile

It's clear that customer service is a key component of how Number Five runs their business. We asked for examples where they had gone the extra mile for a customer. Stuart told us about one customer who had purchased pieces previously and wanted earrings to match. Unfortunately, the company which created her other pieces didn’t make earrings.

Number Five Goldsmiths contacted the company on her behalf and explained the situation. Despite the fact that they had no design on file for earings the company nonetheless agreed to create a pair of earrings to match the customer's existing pieces.

Number Five enjoy being able to offer this level of assistance. It's also clear that their close contact with suppliers is something they’ve worked hard to achieve.

How do Number Five Goldsmiths feel knowing their customers are being rewarded with Mi Points?

Number Five are one of over sixty Perth businesses where you can earn loyalty points every time you spend. Earning points is as simple as registering to become a Mi Rewards member then shopping as usual. You don't even have to carry around an extra card.

Number Five are happy to reward their loyal customers. Stuart stresses that “Anything that helps Perth Businesses is a benefit.”

You can click on the following link to find out more about Mi Rewards membership. It's free to join, and signup only takes a couple of minutes.

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