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8 Independent Jewellers in Perth Scotland who go the extra mile

Whether it's for a special occasion or simply a special person, it can be hard to find a truly unique gift at times. There's one simple way to make sure you find something that matches their personality and something that really stands out. When you shop in any of these independent jewellers in Perth Scotland they're guaranteed to go out of their way to find the perfect piece.

As an added incentive every shop listed below also offers 'Mi Points'. These are loyalty points which can be collected and exchanged for a Perth Gift Card. You can only collect Mi Points if you're a fully registered Mi Rewards member. You can click this link to find out more about becoming a member of Mi Rewards.

Revival: Vintage and designer pieces, one-of-a-kind finds

Revival opened its doors in 2013. They are primarily a designer dress agency but they have an interesting stock of jewellery too.

They specialise in vintage clothing and designer lines so their one-of-a-kind accessories are of high quality and offer something a bit different. Mandy (owner of Revival) explains that they look for quality and craftsmanship in all the pieces they source. It's also important to them that their range also offers customers items that are ‘quirky and different’.

Boo Vake: A treasure trove of Jewellery and Gifts

Boo Vake moved to their current location at 5 Watergate in 1997. Back then they mainly focussed on refurbished furniture. However, as time moved on Boo Vake's stock has diversified significantly. Initially, products in the shop came exclusively from local artists. They now stock ranges made throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK, allowing them to display a treasure-trove of gift ideas and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Boo Vake is wonderfully relaxed, welcoming, and is the sort of shop where you can feel at home. 'Boo Vake' is a phonetic spelling of the Gaelic word for 'little shop' and it really is the perfect 'little shop'.

You can use the following link to see a selection of Boo Vake's jewellery range.

Number Five Goldsmiths: Hands-On commissions, 'wishlists', and distinctive pieces

Stuart and Claire have been running Number Five Goldsmiths for fourteen years, moving to Perth in October 2016 from their original premises in Cupar. Their new setup has allowed them to commit more to commissioned work so if you feel you would like something made specifically for that special person then it's worth getting in touch.

Number Five Goldsmiths has a very hands-on approach and can use communication mediums like Whatsapp to discuss and photograph specific items for customers if this works for you.

Even if you're not in the market for a commissioned piece they still have an amazing stock to choose from. What’s more, their ‘wish list’ book allows customers to note pieces which they find particularly appealing. This can be invaluable if you're not sure what to get but still want it to be a surprise. Simply get your intended recipient to pop in and have a look round, their wishlist can then be consulted when you pop into the store. This way you can still surprise them but you'll also know that they're getting something they like.

Precious Sparkle: An extensive selection of jewellery and other gifts

Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your life (or maybe you know someone who could use a bit). Precious Sparkle has a wonderful selection and we heartily recommend popping in (plus you can collect Mi Points when you shop so everyone wins). Their range includes a selection of high-quality semi-precious gemstone and sterling silver jewellery, alongside Ashiana London jewellery and bags, and pieces from Joma Jewellery.

Silver Linings: A personal touch with flair and imagination

Silver Linings began life fourteen years ago as Kyley’s jewellery design business. Kyley's jewellery caught the attention of a variety of galleries and shops around the UK who went on stock her jewellery. Thankfully, you don't have to go too far to find Kyley's work as she (like several Jewellers in Perth Scotland that you'll find in this list) opened her own shop in Perth High Street three years ago.

Kyley is happy to work with you to create a commissioned piece but she has also taken great care to develop a range of products that offer something different and unique for her customers. She has selected each range carefully; giving Silver Linings' customers access to one-of-a-kind pieces with flair, along with an imaginative twist.

Tayberry Gallery: Celebrate British Artistry

A few months ago we popped into Tayberry Gallery to look through their range. It's clear to see that with every piece you purchase you will gain something unique, individual, and special. You may be buying a gift for someone else or choosing something for yourself. Either way, Tayberry Gallery can help ensure that you're getting something really distinctive whilst supporting the British artistic community.

Some ranges are more localised than others. Sarah and Louise explained that their jewellery collection is made up almost entirely of pieces by Scottish designers. What's more, you'll also be in safe hands if you choose to get jewellery designed and made in-house as Sarah (half of the Tayberry management team) is a fully qualified jewellery designer. If you click the following link you can see some of Sarah Spalding's range of handmade jewellery.

T B Mitchell: Precision timepieces with character

Perhaps you're more in the market for a designer timepiece. T B Mitchell offers a stunning range of watches, crafted to meticulous standards (you can even see the production process with their fascinating in-store visual display).

They also offer a fantastic selection of jewellery as well. You'll find a selection of their collection over on T B Mitchells' website. Follow this link for a view of T B Mitchell's range of jewellery and watches.

T. Paterson Jewellers: Unique gemstones and state-of-the-art jewellery design methods

The selection of one-of-a-kind pieces designed (and made) at T. Paterson Jeweller is impressive and comes from absolutely state-of-the-art jewellery design methods, including digital imaging and 3D printing. The solid 3D models that they can create allow them to present the client with their piece before it’s cast. Derek Paterson (Managing Director of T. Paterson Jewellers) insists that this modern technology allows their jewellery designers to create pieces that traditional methods couldn't achieve.

On top of this, their selection of gemstones is also an incredible draw; having been sourced by their own team who travel the world seeking out rare and unusual gemstones. These stones often have unique properties and many require specialist design to complement the stone. Pieces such as these offer an opportunity to own something unique and timeless. Derek is especially glad to see that awareness of these rare and unusual stones is on the increase. It's clear that people like the idea of a gemstone with a story.

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