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Personalise almost anything with Perth Trophy Shop

Perth Trophy Shop has been in business for over fourteen years, with the current owners taking over just over a year ago. In that time they've managed to roll out a few new services. Keen to add new products they brought in new technology that enables them to customise and personalise an even wider range of decorative objects.

In fact, thanks to these advances in engraving technology, you could get almost anything personalised. Their Laser Engraving facilities allow them to expand the range of materials and products they can engrave. We were surprised to hear just how many things can be engraved using lazers; from leather, to acrylic, to wood, to glass, to plastic, and even slate. In fact, the list is so large that we recommend giving them a call to see what options you have.

If you pop along to Perth Trophy Shop's Facebook page you'll get a chance to see just some of the things they've been able to do so far with their new equipment.

Something to raise a quaich to

Perth Trophy shop aren't all about engraving (though, understandably, that is a large part of their business). On top of their engraving services, they also stock a wide range of ornate and commemorative objects. Some of these can be hard to track down elsewhere. Their range of quaichs has proved a plesant surprise for more than a few Perth customers. Quaichs are a traditional gift for weddings but they are also great gifts for a variety of occasions. It can be hard to track down more than a few options in Perth. However, Perth Trophy shop has a whole display case full so pop in for a look.

Perth Trophy shop also stock an ample range of brass plaques, trophies, shields, and cups. If there is something you need to commemorate or celebrate then they have the product for it. On top of that, they have the facilities to make it perfectly personal and apt for the occasion.

One of their more popular trophy ranges are Swatkins silver trophies. The rich silver-plate finish creates a lustre with a strong sense of prestige. It is a trophy that makes someone feel like a winner. Swatkins offer a wide range of top quality trophies, all of which are manufactured here in the UK.

You could be rewarded yourself

For months now Perth Trophy Shop has offered Mi Points to all customers registered with the Mi Rewards programme. Shona (owner of Perth Trophy Shop) explained that: "Every little bonus helps and if it encourages people to shop locally and get good deals and great service its to be welcomed."

It's a system aimed at promoting all of what Perth has to offer, with over sixty local businesses now offering points when you spend. If you use a Stagecoach bus, buy a cinema ticket, or grab some lunch at Murrays the Baker, you could be earning as you spend.

It's easy and free to register for Mi Rewards. Simply click on the following link to visit the main site, find out more about Perth's new city-wide reward programme, and sign up for Mi Rewards.

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