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Three years of Silver Linings: a ‘Sunflower’ anniversary

The flower for a third wedding anniversary is the sunflower. Bright, vibrant, and full of life; this seems a good fit for Silver Linings Jewellery Design Studio as they enter their third year at 13 High St, Perth.

We popped in for a chat with Kyley, owner of this great wee jewellery shop, to find out more about her shop and its story. Silver Linings began life fourteen years ago as Kyley’s jewellery design business. Beginning in, as Kyley insists, a 'very nice' shed, Kyley demonstrated her jewellery at various craft fairs around the country. Her jewellery caught the attention of a variety of galleries and shops around the UK who came to stock her jewellery. Silver Linings evolved as time went by, with Kyley opening her shop three years ago. In fact, Tuesday the 5th March 2019 marks exactly three years since Silver Linings opened its doors to the public.

Diversity and individuality all in one place

Kyley has taken great care to develop a range of products that offer something different and unique for her customers. From jewellery to lampshades, to ceramics, to other artwork. Kyley has selected each range carefully; giving Silver Linings' customers access to one-of-a-kind pieces with flair, along with an imaginative twist.

2018 saw a surprising increase in interest in lampshades. Probably not what you think would work as a bestseller in a jewellery design store. However, when you see the work of Dawn Maciocia you can see why. Dawn Macioca creates her designs using a unique paper mosaic technique which is part decoupage, part stained glass effect, and partly all its own thing.

These designs draw on animals and nature, bringing in the wealth and depth of colour and texture that can be found in the natural world. Once you add light to this effect you can come to see why it works so well in a lampshade. It’s also easy to see what made this one of Silver Linings’ best selling products last year.

Silver Linings' Plans for 2019

Kyley is planning some new jewellery designs for her own collection in 2019. We can’t tell you much about it just now. However, Kyley assures us that as soon as they’re available, details and early images will be unveiled on the Silver Linings' Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Kyley’s own jewellery designs are all made on site. She is also happy to offer some customisations to her pieces on request, as well as repairs. Kyley is also happy to work with clients in creating commissioned pieces as well.

This handmade ethos is clearly important to Kyley. In fact, just about every piece that is available for sale in Silver Linings is handmade. What's more, most of the products you'll find at Silver Linings are created in Scotland.

A rewarding visit

For a few months now Silver Linings have been providing an extra wee bonus when customers shop with them. As part of Perth’s city-wide rewards programme, Mi Rewards, customers have been collecting Mi Points on every purchase. These points add up when you spend throughout Perth (click here for a list of participating businesses). Mi Points can be converted into a Perth Gift Card, which is accepted as payment at over sixty Perth businesses.

Kyley explained that a lot of her customers have shown an interest in the programme and a few seem to be benefiting already. It’s not surprising as, on top of the reward points, Mi Rewards members are also given exclusive deals, discounts, and competition entries at regular intervals. If you aren’t a member already you can click here to find out more about Mi Rewards.


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