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Old meets new: Mi Rewards at McCash’s Country Store

McCash's Country Store has been supplying animal feed to the people (and animals) of Perth Since 1746. That's a business spanning 272 years. We're not sure if that makes it Perth's oldest business (you tell us) but it's certainly one of them.

McCash’s started at Loakmill in Bankfoot. However, they moved into Perth with the introduction of the railway (yep they pre-date the railway). Their use of the railway as a resource for grain deliveries etc. can explain the unique, long profile of the shop. This design offered full use of the old loading area round the back that offered their link to the railway. Grain deliveries would be brought on the rails directly to the back of the building. From here goods could be loaded directly into the stores.

Innovation isn't new to McCash's Country Store

In this regard McCash's Country store has always been an innovative business. Using modern technologies and opertunities as they come along. When the current management took over around twenty years ago they recognised the growing interest in small-scale agriculture/agribusinesses. They have since developed additional product offerings tailored to new and emerging markets such as smallholders and other small-scale agricultural businesses. Along with this new offering came the inclusion of a larger range of ‘lifestyle’ products such as clothing and accessories. They are dedicated to increasing their offering to customers (e.g. McCash’s also offers a large range of goods for the equestrian market).

Now they have added yet another innovation to their offering for customers, in the form of Mi Rewards. McCash's country store are happy to team up with Mi Rewards to provide their customers with an extra thank you. As Alastair Muirhead (Manager at McCash's Country Store) puts it: "Even without the prospect of collecting Mi Points city-wide, McCash regards the programme as a brilliant means of thanking their customers. A single business wouldn’t have the capabilities or the time to put together such a robust rewards system for their customers."

McCash's wants you to feel rewarded

If you aren't already a Mi Rewards member you can sign up by clicking this link. It's easy to join, there's no charge, and best of all there's no extra card to carry around (you just link your current payment cards to start earning rewards). Needless to say McCash's Country Store hold great value in being able to give something back to loyal customers and Mi Rewards is making that easy for McCash’s.

It’s a good week to go to Perth’s Playhouse Cinema!

There are two huge movies, both with a cult fan base, showing this week at Perth’s Playhouse Cinema. If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey we know you won’t want to miss its big-screen return. If you’re perhaps more of a horror fan you may be one of the millions of fans around the world […]

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Get your Rocks Off! WIN tickets to SOLD OUT Primal Scream concert in December

We’re ‘Movin’ On Up’ to tell you about this amazing competition in partnership with Horsecross Perth. Primal Scream is coming to Horsecross on Sunday 15th December, and you could be there too. Mi Rewards like to look after our members. That’s why all Mi Rewards members have the chance to WIN tickets to this SOLD […]

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Give your Kitchen a Lift with Trend Transformations

It doesn’t take much to make a kitchen look a little tired. A bit of damage here, a stain there, or even simply a change in fashion that leaves it looking dated. It’s expensive (and disruptive) to do a full kitchen remodel and, to be honest, it often feels unnecessary. We get by with what […]

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Monstrous nights at Perth Theatre with Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is a story we all know well; a man caught in the embrace of science throws ethics aside and creates a monster. From lifeless parts, he assembles his creation then, by unknown means fires life into the amalgam. The creature lives! Guaranteeing that the scientist’s name is forever tied to his dangerous […]

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A ‘Rewarding’ Pop concert with Little Mix Magic & Simply Ariana

A big dose of brilliant tribute-Pop is coming to Perth on Sunday courtesy of Little Mix Magic and Simply Ariana. Maybe you already have your ticket. However, we thought we’d give you a quick reminder that Mi Rewards members can collect loyalty points whenever they spend at Horsecross, Perth Theatre, or Perth Concert Hall. At […]

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