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Generating a bit of 'buzz'

Bee Houses. Yes, you read that right; bee houses. Boo Vake has seen a surprising surge of interest in bee real estate lately. With the downward turn in the UK's bee population, it's lovely to hear that people are dedicating a wee space in their garden, in a planter, or even built into a wall.

We were surprised to hear that bee houses actually take many forms. Some of these ornate blocks are even sturdy enough to be built into walls in gardens as part of the regular brick work. They are designed to protect and aid our diminishing bee population in a seamless manner (but they're also really pretty). They are a great addition to any garden, window terrace, or even window-sill, as they look lovely, whilst helping wildlife.

Hanging around

It's not all buzz and hum at Boo Vake though. Owner Arlene Baird explained to us that screen-printed lampshades are quickly becoming a surprise favourite at Boo Vake. Since people like to coordinate shades throughout their home they will often buy in groups of colour or theme (and there's a lot to choose from). A number of local B&Bs and self-catering establishments have also utilised these unique printed shades in updating decor for guests to enjoy.

The designs are always changing so it's best if you pop in to see for yourself. They had a selection in stock when we visited including bright tones, characterful animals, and stylised scenery.

Bee houses or lampshades you'll feel rewarded

Boo Vake is a Mi Rewards registered business. Mi Rewards is Perth's new city-wide rewards programme which gives something back to those who shop local. Members get points, perks, and prize draw entries as a thank you for supporting Perth.

Sign-up is easy (and free), simply click this link to join today. Your membership will be active as soon as you register your payment cards (that's how we guage how many points you've earned). Once you're sgned up there's nothing else left to do but pop in and buy a bee house and a lamp shade from Boo Vake (you can buy other things in other places and earn to, but these are really nice).

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