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Serious fun to be had at Fun Junction

Fun Junction started life over on County Place (opposite AK Bell library). Over the years they developed a valued and loyal customer base. However, as time moved on they needed an opportunity to show their wares to a wider audience.

Their move to 255 Old High Street was literally just a trip around the corner. However, there's no denying that it made for a more prominent position. If you use Thimblerow car park regularly you'll know Fun Junction thanks to Gerry the Giraffe and Princess Poppy who stand sentry outside in (almost) any weather.

The focus at Fun Junction was originally educational products but as time moved on the shop diversified. Fun Junction tries to make sure that they always have something for everyone. The toy industry changes from year to year but there are constants like puzzles, games, dolls, pretend play, construction toys etc. The specifics change but the kinds of play children still enjoy can be recognisable to parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents.

They try to keep up with trends but admit that it's easier when it's something that they like themselves. One product in particular that they told us about was a range of toys called ‘Stikbots’. 'Stikbots' are pose-able figures that come with an animation app. You can use the app to take pictures of your Stikbot and the app helps guide children through to create a stop-motion animation. They are a perfect blend of old-fashioned pretend-play mixed seamlessly with modern technology. The guys at Fun Junction were happy to get on board with that particular 'craze'.

Serious about fun

The folks at Fun Junction can see the educational benefits of almost any toy, from the hand-eye coordination of a yo-yo, to the life skills to be found in a pretend-play kitchen, they even explain how trading Pokemon cards helps develop social and negotiation skills. They explain that play is important for all of us; it helps us unwind, opens our imaginations, and make us think differently about the world.

Fun Junction has three play tables and a range of products opened to try (including logic puzzles, construction toys, games, and a pretend-play section). It's safe to say that, young or old, there's always something fun to do at Fun Junction.

Feeling rewarded

Fun Junction has been rewarding their customers with their own reward programme for a number of years now. Their generous reward scheme is still open to customers but they're excited to be part of something bigger (and more varied) too. Fun Junction was one of the first shops to register to reward Perth customers with Mi Rewards points. They had this to say:

"It’s brilliant. We’ve been running our own rewards programme in store for a number of years now but Mi Rewards lets us offer something very different. I don’t think there’s another rewards programme out there where you could spend in so many different businesses and be rewarded in such a simple, and easy to understand, way."

Mi Rewards provides points, perks, and prizes to every member. It's a way for the city to say thank you for your support. If you haven't already signed up, it's quick, easy, and free. All you need to do is click here.

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